Los Angeles Car Title Loans

Get approved for an auto title loan in less than 15 minutes*!

Do you need cash fast but don’t have fantastic credit? Have banks denied your loan because they cannot or will not look past your credit score? At 15 Minute Title Loans, we understand not everyone has exceptional credit ratings. Nevertheless, individuals who do not have outstanding credit scores still need money to make ends meet, which is why we offer individuals car title loans so they can receive cash in less than 15 minutes.

Whether you are in an emergency situation or need money to help you stay afloat, we can give you a car title loan. A car title loan Los Angeles allows you to receive money without having to surrender any personal belongings. While you are offering your vehicle as collateral, 15 Minute Title Loans allows you to keep your car while you borrow money. The auto title loan procedure is completely painless and fast—within 15 minutes*, you will be driving away in your own car with a check in hand. To learn more contact our office at (818) 514-5037!

Do not wait until it is too late—get approved for a car title loan now!

15 Minute Title Loans is different than a lot of other loan companies because we offer:

  • Fast & easy approval
  • Cash in under less than 15 minutes*
  • Cash to those with poor credit
  • Generous repayment plans
  • Low rates

When others say no, we say yes, because the money we give at 15 Minute Title Loans is ours. This means we have the ability to decide who can receive it and how/when it should be repaid. By applying for a car title loan before you desperately need money, you are ensuring your personal belongings will be safeguarded.

Interested in learning how our 15 minute car title loan works? When you submit the necessary paperwork online, a representative from 15 Minute Title Loans will call you within a matter of moments to discuss how you can receive a car title loan while still keeping your vehicle. Whether you need a new title loan or wish to refinance your current title loan, 15 Minute Title Loans can ensure you receive the best rates possible.

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We understand that not everyone has emergency funds or the means to pay bills and/or make car and house payments. Our staff also knows that not everyone has perfect credit and can receive the loans they need. If other companies and banks have denied your loan applications, contact 15 Minute Title Loans. We offer some of the lowest rates in the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles area with APR’s starting at 3% monthly. We encourage our customers to stay current with their loan and make payments on time because failure to do so will result in forfeiture of their vehicle. We don’t do any credit checks and your credit score will not be affected in the event of a repossession. Our loans does not get renewed automatically whether you have an existing or paid off loan with us

Contact 15 Minute Title Loans at (818) 514-5037 to receive cash today!